Lillian T. Supplee Scholarship Fund

The Lillian T. Supplee Scholarship Fund was established in honor of The Suzuki School for Strings founder, Lillian Supplee, who donated countless hours of teaching music to the children of the Wyoming Valley. Through the very generous donations of friends and family of Lillian and the school, scholarship money is available to currently enrolled students experiencing financial difficulties.

Supplee Scholarship Policy

The Suzuki School for Strings, a 501c (3) Corporation ( the “Corporation” or the “School”), has developed its scholarship program to further the Corporation’s charitable and educational purposes by attempting to ensure that financial hardship shall not preclude the continued study of music by students currently enrolled in the School.

To that end, funding through the Lillian T. Supplee Scholarship is available to a limited number of students currently attending the Suzuki School for Strings who incur unexpected financial hardship that threatens to interrupt their study of music at the School. The amount of financial assistance available from the yearly budget shall be divided among the approved applicants based upon their needs. The total budgeted amount may change from year to year. If there are multiple recipients in one family, an amount will be awarded to that family and the family is responsible for distribution within their family. No family will receive in excess of one full tuition amount which is equal to nine months of thirty minute lessons.

The scholarship shall provide temporary assistance which may cover full or partial tuition* (cost of lessons) for a maximum of nine months per year. There shall be no coverage for group fees, orchestra fees and summer lesson fees; students must pay registration fee as well. Moreover, it is understood that all students are required to participate in group classes and/or orchestra at the teacher’s discretion.

Scholarship forms may be obtained through the instructor or electronically. Completed applications should be given to the instructor or sent electronically. Applications for the upcoming year must be submitted by May 1st and they will be awarded by June 15th .

Instructors shall present any scholarship application, accompanied by their recommendations, to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Applications shall be reviewed by the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, one other member of the Scholarship Committee and the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. This meeting shall be a physical meeting and not accomplished electronically. They shall consider the needs of the Applicant, the number of applications, timing of the application and the funds available. Approval shall require their unanimous consent. Upon such approval, the tuition check(s) shall be issued to the requesting instructor.

Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to use the String Shop for their instrument rental or purchase. Families of the recipients must donate time to the music school to help with activities, projects, mailing, etc. Recipients must exhibit a respectable amount of progress that is evident in their lessons. There is a scholarship requirements checklist that will be completed by the recipient’s instructor to monitor the recipient’s commitment to the school and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and the instructor. Failure to adhere to the requirements may result in the withdrawal of future scholarships.

All scholarship inquiries and applications are kept strictly confidential. The Corporation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, mental or physical disability or any category protected by law in the administration of its scholarship program and activities.

*Tuition is the fee paid to a member of the faculty for weekly individual instruction usually billed and paid annually.

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