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What is the Suzuki Method?

The Suzuki Method is based on the ideology of Shinichi Suzuki and his principle that all children are born with ability. In a nurturing environment, children can develop a variety of abilities just as they naturally develop the ability to speak a native language, a process known as The Mother Tongue approach. Dr. Suzuki referred to this learning system as Talent Education, a pedagogy which provides children with the nurturing and supportive environment they need for their abilities to flourish.

What does the Suzuki Method repertoire include?

In lieu of boring exercises, the Suzuki repertoire is graded material designed to help students learn technical skills in the context of music. Much like children learn to talk without the need for practice, students learn technique in a natural progression by following the official Suzuki repertoire, which is comprised of 10 books.

Can Suzuki Students read music?

Yes! All of our students are taught to read music. Although very young students who haven’t started traditional language reading rely on aural skills, we introduce music reading as soon as they are ready. We firmly believe that reading music is an integral part of complete musicianship, and we stress this skill in all of our programs.

What instruments are taught at the Suzuki School for Strings?

We currently teach violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano.

At what age can my child begin learning to play an instrument?

Although it’s never too late to begin learning to play an instrument, young children may begin formal training as early as 3 or 4 years old.

How does the Suzuki Method work?

Every student learns at his or her own pace, slowly building skills while moving through the Suzuki repertoire. We strive to provide a nuturing and supportive environment so that the student can learn comfortably while developing his or her ability. We work closely with parents to create an enjoyable learning environment that will extend to practicing at home.

Listening to the Suzuki repertoire is also an important part of the Suzuki method, as it allows the student to become intimately familiar with the material, easing the learning process.

How is the Suzuki Method different from other methods of teaching music?

The Suzuki Method is different from other methods of teaching in several ways:

  • We focus on teaching technique through the context of music rather than boring technical exercises.
  • We believe that musical ability can be developed in all students, including both children and adults.
  • Children are able to begin learning at young ages.
  • Students have regular performance opportunities, both individually and in groups.
  • Parent involvement in learning is not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Can my child try a lesson first before registering?

Yes! We offer a free, 15 minute lesson to all first time students! Contact us today for more information!

What is the benefit of group lessons?

Group lessons provide children with the invaluable opportunity to learn from one another. Shared motivation is a powerful positive influence in a student’s musical development.

Why is the Suzuki School for Strings the best option for my child?

The Suzuki School for Strings is the only music school in NEPA that has a teachers qualified in the Suzuki method for instruction in violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano. We offer competitive pricing compared to other music schools in our area and always tailor instruction to meet the individual student’s needs. We strive to build both technique and sight reading skills so every student can become a well-rounded musician who enjoys learning, performing, and creating.

Does the Suzuki School also teach adult students?

Yes, the Suzuki School offers instruction to adult students.

How much do lessons cost?

The price of lessons at the Suzuki School for Strings is reasonable, affordable, and comparable to other music schools in our area. Contact us today for more information!

How do I register my child for lessons?

To register a new student online click here or contact us directly to register via email or phone.

Where can I get an instrument for my child?

We’re happy to assist you in renting or purchasing a new instrument. Please contact us directly for more information.

Does the Suzuki School for Strings offer financial aid?

Yes. Through the very generous donations of friends and family of Lillian Supplee and the school, scholarship money is available to currently enrolled students experiencing financial difficulties. Click here for more information.

Does the Suzuki School for Strings offer live performance opportunities?

Yes. We offer numerous live performance opportunities including solo recitals, group recitals, orchestra concerts, community/public performances and more!

How is the Suzuki School for Strings involved with the community?

The Suzuki School for Strings participates and hosts many community events including the Plains Christmas Parade, Movie Music Concert, performances at area nursing homes, assisted living facilities, area churches and more.

How can I find out more information?

Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding the Suzuki School for Strings by clicking here.

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